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Planning your trip to Langi Taan:

Here are some planning tips to make your time at Langi Taan go smoothly:

1. There are limited supermarket options on the mountain so it is best to bring your food with you. We provide tea, coffee, condiments, cling wrap and foil. You need to bring other food items.

2. You need to bring bed linen (bottom sheet, pillow slips and top sheet and/or doona cover). We provide pillows and doonas.

3. Check the weather and road conditions on the Mt Hotham website prior to leaving home. Hotham village is at the top of the mountain so you can expect to drive in snow and you may need to fit wheel chains.

4. Prepare your car for alpine conditions - ensure your coolant has anti-freeze, your battery and your wiper blades are in good condition. If your vehicle is a diesel, plan to have a fairly empty tank when you get to Bright and fill up with Alpine Diesel. A brush, shovel and scraper are all good tools for clearing snow from your car when you leave.

5. Make sure you have wheel chains organised and you know how to fit them. Also note that some vehicles do not have enough clearance to fit chains, so contact your chain provider well in advance. We recommend Hoys, they have shops in Omeo, Harrietville and on the mountain and they offer a chainfitting service on the mountain. They also offer discounts on other rental equipment to those that hire chains, and those that stay at Langi Taan. Click here to go to their website.

6. Soft bags will be better than suitcases for storing in your bedroom.

7. Make sure you have your emails handy that show your room number and your door access code.

Arriving at Langi Taan.

Some tips for when you arrive:

1. Langi Taan Ski Lodge is located above the Great Alpine Road near village bus stop 8. 

2. There is short term car parking near bus stop 8, that provides a place to park while you unload your car.

3. Once you car is unloaded, it must be immediately moved to an overnight car parking area.

4. The stairs to Langi Taan Ski lodge commence just on the Dinner Plain side of the shelter at bus stop 8.

5. You will have been provided with a door access code - this is entered at the keypad on the right hand side of the entrance door.

6. The games room is a staging area where you can leave your luggage whilst you unload and park your car in an overnight parking area.

7. You may only wear your outdoor shoes in the tiled areas of the basement level of the lodge. Please take off outdoor shoes and place in the drying room before going upstairs.

8. A bed room plan will be displayed in the ski storage area of the lodge. Use this to locate your room(s)

9. Your refrigerated and other food items can be stowed in the storage areas located near the kitchen (on the middle level of the lodge). There are dedicated storage spaces for each bedroom.

10. The lodge manager will provide you with guidance on lodge procedures and answer any questions you may have. 

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