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Become a Member of Langi-Taan ski club

There are many advantages to being a member at Langi-Taan ski club. 

  • Priority access to bookings

  • Member rates for bookings.

  • One of the best locations on the mountain

  • Easy public access above Bus Stop 8

  • Opposite Davenport Access trail

  • Quiet location

  • Short walk to the 'General'

  • Magnificent views

  • Multiple communal areas.  Quiet room, fireplace room, games room, 2 dining areas

  • Friendly social environment

  • Low membership number and low turnover.  Meet and ski with new and old friends

  • Well maintained lodge

There are 52 members at Langi-Taan, some clubs have many more.  If you ski regularly or want to come to the snow with family and friends then you should become a member.

If you are interested in being a member of Langi-Taan, please fill in this form and we will notify you as and when memberships become available.

Members pay an annual fee covering basic costs (insurance, lease services etc…) and attend one work-party per year.  Members get an annual bed night allocation that can be booked before beds are made available for public bookings.  

  • Winter: 20 weekend nights and 30 weekday nights

  • Summer: 20 weekend nights and 30 weekday nights

Hotham Valley Sunrise from Langi-Taan's balcony

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