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Welcome to Langi-Taan


Langi-Taan - Everyone 

Perfect for club social events, functions, Outdoor Education and schools, adventure groups, small business retreats, photography, road and 4WD Touring. Suitable for large and small groups.


Following the booking link to start booking or email the booking officer at

Welcome to
Langi-Taan ski club

One of the best locations at Mt Hotham.  Easy access above bus stop 8 and opposite Davenport Access trail.  Start your day on Davenport access trail to the Village Chairlift then return to relaxed fireside comfort in our lovely lodge and enjoy the sweeping views over Heavenly Valley.  Friendly social environment.


Langi-Taan - All Year

Langi-Taan offers accommodation all year round at Mt Hotham.


We offer flexible accommodation for up to 42 people.


Double beds, singles, family bedrooms, 2 dining rooms, games room, quiet room, fireplace, balcony with BBQ and WiFi. 

Hotham sunrise from Langi-Taan's balcony

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