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COVID-19 Updates.

Please see the Bookings page for Cancellation policies and read the attached CovidSafe Operating Plan (CSOP) for details.

CSOP Summary:

Due to COVID-19 still circulating widely in the community, Langi-Taan will adjust its operating procedures during the 2022 ski season in the following ways:

  • Members and guests are expected to comply with Victorian Government guidelines and the attached CovidSafe Plan. In the event that government guidelines change, the Government guidelines will be the final reference point for managing COVID.

  • Members and guests are expected to exercise a high level of personal hygiene and regular cleaning.

  • Additional procedures apply if a member or guest displays COVID like symptoms or is infected by COVID-19 whilst at Langi-Taan.

Before you Travel

Members and Guests shall not be permitted to attend the Lodge if:

  • They are or have been infected with COVID-19 and have NOT completed the required self-isolation period.

  • They are subject to a quarantine notice, self-isolation notices or similar.

  • They are unwell and/or are showing symptoms of COVID-19 and have not tested negative or those test results are not yet available.


Member/Guest has Symptoms of COVID.

If a person staying at Langi-Taan displaying COVID symptoms, they are required to:

  • Wear a mask until they return a negative PCR or RAT test result.

Immediately undergo a RAT test and inform the lodge manager of the result.  If the person does not or will not perform a RAT test then the lodge manager has discretion to request they vacate the premise

If a person staying at Langi-Taan returns a positive COVID test result, they are required to:

  • Immediately leave the mountain and comply with government isolation regulations.

  • Always wear a face mask during the exit process.

  • Inform or have someone inform the Lodge Manager.

  • Inform others staying in their room.


If the person is unable to return home immediately, they shall be directed to always wear a face mask while indoors and self-isolate in their bedroom until they can make arrangements to return home

Household, Social and Work Contacts

Refer to the following Government Guidelines Checklist for COVID contacts | Coronavirus Victoria to identify how close contacts are defined and the latest instructions.

You are a household contact if you have spent more than four hours with someone who has COVID-19 inside a house, accommodation, or care facility.  Household contacts are also referred to as close contacts.  If the infected person is a minor then their parent or guardian will be responsible for the care of that minor and that parent/guardian will also be required to self-isolate until arrangements are made to return home.

A close contact can remain at Lang-Taan provided they:

  • Commence wearing a face mask (applies to ages 8 and above).

  • Undertake RAT testing at a frequency of 5 tests every 7 days or equivalent.

  • Inform the Lodge Manager if a test returns a positive result.


You are a social or workplace contact if you spent more than 15 minutes face-to-face with someone who has COVID-19, or if you spent more than two hours with them in the same indoor space (such as a workplace or a restaurant)

A social or workplace contact can remain at Langi-Taan Lodge provided:

  • You monitor for symptoms.

  • If you have symptoms, you must use a rapid antigen test, or get a PCR test if you can’t access a rapid antigen test.

  • If you don't have symptoms, you are recommended to use a daily rapid antigen test for 5 days.

Any persons who have shared a bedroom with the infected person and are continuing to stay in the Lodge don't have to quarantine at all during this 7-day period provided they conduct RAT testing in accordance with Government requirements and wear a face mask indoors except when eating or drinking

Cleaning Duties:
Regular cleaning duties apply.  However, please be considerate to those who follow you when cleaning your room and other spaces.


Stay healthy and help us keep Langi-Taan safe and open.

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