LANGI-TAAN COVID Operating Plan, Signs and Templates and QR Code.

CSOP Last Updated 13 July, 2021

COVID-19 Updates for 2021

Please see the Bookings page for Cancellation policies.

Due to the risk of COVID transmission, changes have been implemented this year on what the lodge supplies. 

The Lodge will supply tea, coffee, sugar, salt/pepper, cling wrap and aluminium foil.  Guests must bring all other kitchen supplies and condiments.

Guests need to bring bathmats, towels and hand towels. Hand sanitiser will be provided but you should also bring your own for your own rooms.

Guests need to bring doona cover (COVID requirement), sheets and pillow slips. Guests bringing sleeping bag still need to bring fitted sheet. Linen Hire is available commercially through Altitude Accommodation.  People using this service need to make their own arrangements for linen hire .  

State Government and Mt Hotham Updates
Prior to travelling to Mt Hotham, you should read the latest State Government and Mt Hotham announcements.  These change regularly:  

  • Mt Hotham Resort Management Board and Ski Lift Company updates are here;

  • Victoria's State Restrictions can be found here;

  • Please visit for full details;

  • Interstate and International travellers need to check the Victorian Travel Permit website for permit information;

  • Testing is available at Mt Hotham in a demountable building near the Medical Centre operated by Alpine Health;

  • If you have virus-like symptoms, do not use the Village bus or visit any venues - get tested immediately and isolate until you are cleared to leave your residence.

On Arrival

Only people entered in the Booking system or authorised cleaners can enter the lodge.

QR Code – All people entering the lodge need to be registered using the QR Code system - daily.  


Arriving guests may use the Games room as a temporary staging area for baggage drop off, access their ski locker and get changed before going skiing.  Normal COVID entry requirements apply: 

  1. Maintain room density requirements

  2. One group/booking in the Games room at a time (room density limits apply)

  3. Sanitise high touch points (eg door handles) on leaving

  4. Baggage from different groups is to be well separated.

  5. Do not enter upstairs areas until after the cleaners have left (4pm)

Signage: Please check signs for room capacities and COVID related cleaning instructions.

Each booking will be assigned to a “Group” with a Group Leader. 

  • Each Group has a Group Leader who assists the Lodge Manager for COVID-related activities such as COVID-related cleaning duties and keeping records.

  • Groups will be assigned to a single bathroom.

  • Groups may need to coordinate cooking/cleaning times for breakfast and dinner to depending on numbers.

Cleaning Duties:
Members and Guests maintain the cleanliness of the Lodge by undertaking shared cleaning responsibilities. By booking into Langi-Taan you and your guests accept that the cleaning of your room and any other area listed in the COVID cleaning duties.

COVID requirements include each group cleaning shared areas such as kitchen, quiet/fireroom when a group vacates the area. This can include items such as handles, taps, chair, table surfaces. Kitchen pots/pans/utensils should also be cleaned and put through steriliser prior to the next group using the kitchen.  The frequency is determined by the Victorian Government Accommodation guidelines.


Help us keep Langi-Taan safe and open.